Day 10: Friday 16 February

A full house

I forgot to mention two things yesterday. Firstly, the pancakes from Eileen T were delicious. It’s wonderful how fine home baking lifts an old boat builder’s spirits. And secondly, Ian T wondered why we could not see our breath when the temperature was only 5°C, whereas, on Wednesday our ‘breath clouds’ were spectacular, and it was a warmer 7°C. I waffled at length, as doctors always tend to do when they don’t know the answer. But I do now. Whether your breath condenses depends on two things: the temperature but also the relative humidity (how much water vapour is in the air). So, although Thursday was colder, the air was drier (according to the Met Office website, the humidity was 88% on Tiree at midday yesterday).

Inside the full house

Tomorrow, we are going to start to build a skiff. Really. We will do a double shift, starting at 1000, so if you can’t come until lunchtime, do still come then. If we set up two kit cutting stations, that will need six people, and we could start some gentle sanding after that. The last bit of taping would take a couple of hours. If we can fill The Noust with busy people, the temperature might get up over 7°C.  Will we see our breath then? Find out.



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