Day 2: Tuesday 6 February

The Noust, Scarinish, Tiree: our home for the next six months

Fine hailstones finding their way through tiny ventilation gaps in the roof. It was a colder day at The Noust. Alasdair and Ian made quick work of levelling and bracing the workbench frame. Robert and myself made slightly slower work of fixing the 110-volt lighting system that Jules had laid out the previous day. We took a break after a couple of hours to get some fixings from Mr Skinner, some ply from Graeme, and advice from David on the exact position for the vices.

Robert sets up our 12-volt lighting system

The skiff kit has finally made it to the haulier’s yard in Hillington and should be on Tiree at the end of the week. There is a big Screwfix order coming then too. Abbey Timber are aiming to get our wood order to Oban for the end of next week.

Alasdair works on the bench

The workbench party is meeting tomorrow Wednesday at 1000. All welcome. Next week, after the kit has been delivered and packed away, we will build the building frame. Then it starts getting technical!

It has been estimated that building a St Ayles skiff takes 800 person hours: 100 people @ 8 hours each. Easy!

Ian works on his bench

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