Day 3: Wednesday 7 February

Robert and Jessie clean moulds kindly given to us by the Iona skiff project

A great day’s progress. Alasdair and Ian continued to build the ultimate workbench with flooring boards obtained from Graeme MacColl and Dorinda, and, in particular, to provide a strong fixing for the three vices that will need to be attached. We have inherited the kit moulds from the build at Iona. Jessie and Dorinda made a good start unsticking all the old parcel tape from them, surprisingly fiddly and obstinate stuff, but essential to stop the glued planks sticking. Robert and myself opened up one of the containers outside The Noust, retrieved some saws, a drill and two sanders, and then built a very solid and much-admired slatted step at the front door to keep the sheep-infused mud off the entering shoes. Stevie got the bandsaw, which had looked rather sorry for itself, working again and will have a look at the other equipment. We also had our first cup of coffee and some wonderful oatcakes (new recipe, courtesy of Flora MacPhail) and some fruit cake. Robert, at last, was happy. 

Ian and Alasdair cut wood for the bench

Tomorrow Thursday is an official DAY OFF! We will be having another session on Friday morning at 10. We hope to finish off the bench, finish taking the old tape from the ten moulds before applying new, and then clear the floor for the kit, so there may well be some jobs over the weekend for those free then. 38 hours work done, 762 to go! Except we haven’t really started building the skiff yet.

Alasdair at his happiest: working on his own!

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