Day 5: Sunday 11 February

Another good day. Stevie has now cleaned the rusty table of the bandsaw; it looks amazing. He also put a section of pontoon walkway on the step, covering Robert and my woodwork. Bill patiently cleaned tape from of a stack of plywood horseshoes, whose function we have not yet learned. He also brought four old fishboxes, which will be useful to store the equipment that is starting to flood in from Screwfix. Cairin, Bella and Kris cleaned and sanded several of the old moulds to within an inch of their lives. Sadly, the parcel tape that Jules and I had lovingly applied to one of the moulds the previous day had decided to un-apply itself overnight due to its seniority. Bella and Cairin then took on Jules and myself in a race to tape up a mould. It wasn’t just speed that counted: the neatness of the nurses’ hospital corners was also judged. Kris set up the new vacuum cleaner and did some serious woodwork on the moulds. After three successful hours and an overdose of strong coffee, we decided to wrap it up, as fine hail began to cover us again. Another thirteen hours: 66 in total.

Just got a message from Calum MacKinnon in Seattle. Calum, originally from Balinoe, was a senior engineer at Boeing, and is a well-known traditional fiddler in the northwest: ‘Just got a tour of the Noust on Facebook. Amazing.  I must visit it in May. If someone can come up with a fiddle I’ll play ‘Da Auld Noost’ for you.’ 

I have a new logbook/diary if you’re at The Noust, so we can keep a count of who is working on the project, what we have done, and how many hours we worked. Also a shout out for empty and cleaned margarine/hummus/ice cream tubs for mixing epoxy when the time comes. I’ll put out a message about an old kitchen dresser or shelving on Facebay. 

Another group will be there at 1000 on Monday to work on finishing the bench. I should be able to find out where in Scotland the kit is. There’s another couple of hours work to tape the rest of the moulds, too, some time this week; let me know your availability. It’s amazing that we’ve only been at it for seven days! 


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