Day 6: Monday 12 February

Photo-opportunity: Ian, Doc and John P pose in front of Caledonian-MacBrayne’s finest

The skiff kit has arrived. Parky dropped it outside The Noust first thing this morning. We brought it inside and lovingly laid it flat. Our first reaction was: is that it?  Six sheets of pre-cut plywood to make a 22-foot long boat? Fortunately, the project photographer, the Reverend Alan, was on hand to record the moment, just as the Clansman sailed behind us to complete the picture.

Doc and John P bring in the kit

Ian, John P and myself had braved the slush, and slopped our way through the pool of liquefying sheep droppings surrounding The Noust. Our mission: to finally put the workbench in its place. Readers: we almost did. We were also delighted to be joined by Donald Archie Brown from Balephuil and Donald Brown from Vaul, who, amazingly, happened to have some 10 mm bolts that will allow us to finally fix the vices.

As made by Doc and Robert

We are meeting again at 10 tomorrow morning to secure and varnish the worktop, followed by its wooden trim. It would be good to finish taping the moulds this week. We will then mark the kit parts before photographing the pieces and starting to cut them out. 

Happy at last: Doc, John P and Ian with their new skiff (kit)

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