Day 7: Tuesday 13 February

Jules and Dorinda continue cleaning the moulds

The Bench (I think it has earned it capital letters by now) is still not quite finished, despite the careful attention of Ian, the fizzing energy of John P and the vast experience of Donald Archie. The vices are all in position, though, and tomorrow the top will go on with its back plate, ready for a coat of varnish later in the week. Maybe we should just stop there, while we’re on a roll. There was a slight ingress of water into The Noust after last night’s violent storm, but it was soon brushed clear. Jules and Dorinda (who wants me to particularly mention her velveteen work trousers) taped two moulds in what can only be described as works of art. The feast today was Cairin’s finger lickin’ ginger cake, while Alan took some more pictures. Project total to date: 87 hours. Steve Nagy came in and will PAT test all the electrical machinery before we start work in earnest.

Jules concentrating

Tomorrow we are going to meet at 10 to finish the bench (again), mark the kit pieces and make a start cutting them out, prepare the timber for the building frame, and, if possible, tape the last two moulds. Should be a good Nousty Valentine’s Day.

DA concentrating

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