Day 8: Wednesday 14 February

The Atlantic moves in …

Hard. Men. Both. Battling a wild, wild morning, Ian T and Donald Archie had made it to The Noust. It was not a reassuring sight. The western half of the room was under half an inch of water, torrential rain having been blasted upwards through the ventilation gaps at the base of the walls by the gales overnight. The kit was fine, resting off the ground on the other side of the building, and nothing had been damaged. Fifteen minutes energetic brushing soon removed the worst, giving the floor a welcome clean from the trodden-in sheep droppings and your correspondent a welcome glow (the new thermometer read a tropical 7°C by the end of the morning). Anyway. The. Bench. Is. Finished. Almost. It is immovable and beautiful. And it is salutary to think that over 100 woman- and man-hours have gone into this project already. Stevie came and did his usual magic with the machinery, allowing us to order new saw blades. Valentine’s Day baking was Jessie’s oatcakes and fruit loaf. The Epoxy resin arrived today, and the timber will reach Oban on Wednesday. Alan took some more photographs, capturing Ian’s best side.

… but the bench work goes on: DA, Ian and the Doc

Tomorrow, we will meet at 10 to begin the process of labelling and cutting out the kit. Yes, we are going to start to build a skiff! All are welcome. And if you haven’t seen these pictures of the Iona skiff (number 145: we are number 300!), whose moulds we are using, get ready for some serious skiff envy.

It’s getting quite wet around The Noust, so if you can park in the pier car park, it will save the ground.

Ian and DA: it’s almost ready

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